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The Most Precious Things in Life ~ Newborn Photographer Glastonbury, CT

newborn baby girl sleeping on timber bed decorated with pink rosesWe all believe that finding a love to spend our life with is one of the most precious things in life. But as life moves forward, so do our dreams. The dream of having a family can seem so simple once you’ve found that perfect person, but God often makes us wait on his perfect timing when giving us another of his most precious of gifts.

mom cuddling newborn baby and both smilingThis family had to travel down an all to familiar road of heartache while trying to have a baby. So now that she is here, it is almost surreal. She’s perfect in every way and has brought a joy that they dreamed of.

newborn girl sleeping with head on hands wearing purple flower headbandMeet Miss Eva. So peaceful as she sleeps.

Dad holding his newborn daughter in his armsSo small in Daddy’s arms.

newborn girl posed in head in hands toes out front on pinkSo precious with her 10 perfect fingers and toes. She was happy just to doze.

Newborn baby sleeping in a wash bucket near a small pondMom told me that they really loved some of the newborn composite photographs that I had done for other families. So to highlight fall, I placed their sleeping baby in wash tub by a small pond that reflects all of nature around her. You can almost hear the birds singing in the trees.

newborn baby sleeping swaddled in driftwood bowl and fur draped in long strands of pearlsGrandpa owns Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury and loves pearls. So Mom wanted to create an image just for him to highlight those delicate and graceful pearls on his newest granddaughter.

newborn baby girl sleeping naked on pink blanket with hands under her cheekAll curled up in the fetal position and sleeping soundly.

New mom and dad with their dog and newborn baby girlAnd not to forget their first baby, they wanted to do a quick portrait of the entire family. Between Daddy and this dog, I think Miss Eva will be well protected as she grows up. Because that’s what we are meant to do in this life, protect what is truly precious, those God gives us to love.

If you are expecting a baby in 2017 and are thinking of having your newborn and family photographed, contact me today. I am fully booked for the remainder of this year and am taking bookings the months of January through May.

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