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Big Kid Family Photos – Glastonbury CT

Four young siblings stand in old doorway of building ruins outside at parkAnd here’s a little departure from our regularly scheduled programming. . . big kids! While I do specialize in newborns and babies, I like to sneak in a family photography session every once in a while because they can be so fun. These kiddos’ dad contacted me in hopes of surprising his wife with a new portrait of their kids for Mother’s Day. And this beautiful photograph is one that will be hanging above their fireplace mantel for years to come.

Younger brother climbs on big sisters back laughing outside at parkAs we traveled around this park, I made sure to capture the relationships that all of the kids have with each other. Pretty soon, this big sister will have to ride on her brother’s back because he is almost as tall as she is.

Sister and brother sit on building ruins smiling togetherWe actually ended up doing this session twice! This brother and sister wear transition glasses and the sun completely blackened them during our first session. Knowing that Mom was going to want to see her children’s beautiful eyes, Dad and I agreed to do it all again. This time, with meticulous editing, the kids’ eyes came shining through! The trickiest part of the whole thing was keeping everything a secret from their mom.

Four young siblings sit on grass in park smiling at camera

I wanted Mom and Dad to have several different options when it came to the family portrait. This photograph was taken right before the sun went down behind the trees leaving us a gorgeous golden glow.

Teenage girl leans against wall of building ruins outside smiling

Next, I made sure to capture individual portraits of each kid. They all have such defining personalities that come shining through. The oldest sister here is going to start high school in the fall and looks every bit the part of the emerging teenager.

Tween boy leans against wall at building ruins outside smilingOur next two kids are the twins. Finishing up in middle school next year, they were easy going and fun to be around. Mom and Dad loved this photo as they felt like their son looked so natural and happy.

Tween girl sits smiling in old window opening of building ruinsHis twin sister took her portrait comfortably seated in the old window casing of this ruins. You would never know it, but she was freezing! The temperature had dropped from our last session, but everyone wore the same outfits just in case. So in between photographs, this young lady kept wrapping up in a blanket to keep warm.

8 year old boy sits smiling in old window opening of building ruins smilingAnd their youngest son was an absolute crack-up. He could talk the paint off a wall and keep a smile on his face the entire time. So eager to please and kind, he reminded me a lot of my own little boy.

Two tween sisters stand smiling next to building ruinsSisters don’t usually realize it when they are growing up, but they become best friends once they are adults. Having someone who knows you inside and out to go through life’s stages of getting married, raising a family and other important milestones brings you closer together than you could have ever imagined.

Two young brothers sit on a wall at building ruinsI can’t say I know what it’s like to be a brother, but I’m sure these two share their own special bond that will grow as they move forward in their lives as well.

Four siblings sit outside on step of building ruinsWhen they came in for their Look and Choose appointment to see the photographs I created for them, I asked Mom if it had been a “good” surprise. And her youngest piped up, “She cried!” Fortunately, they were happy tears because everyone loved their portraits.

I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful galleries of canvases they chose hanging up on their walls.

If you would like to get your family photographed, contact me today. I take family sessions on a very limited basis and get busier and busier as the year marches on.

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