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Mommy’s Wedding Dress Sessions

When I got married almost 20 years ago, I lovingly preserved my wedding gown so that my daughters could possibly wear it again on their wedding day. I now realized that all of my girls are going to be several inches taller than me. So unless they want to wear a tea-length gown, they are going to have to wear something else.

Knowing how much my youngest loves to play dress up, I decided that letting her wear my wedding gown NOW would be a great idea!

If you would like to let your daughter have some fun in your wedding gown, then a Mommy’s Wedding Dress Session is for you. All of the details for the session and a few of the fun photographs we took are below.

5 year old girl lying on the floor in her mom's wedding dress

5 year old girl playing dress up in her mommy's wedding dress

To schedule your daughter or daughters’ sessions, contact me today.


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