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Luka ~ 1 year old Family Photoshoot

Family of 5 in front of pond at baby brother's 1 year photo sessionSometimes you just really click with people and absolutely love working with them. This family is like that for me. So, I was thrilled when Luka’s mom called me to photograph them in honor of his first birthday. They are just fun people with good kids. And little Luka couldn’t be any more adorable if he tried.

Mom with his 12 month old son standing on a chairWe started their photography session at a local park so the kids could be kids and have fun. Luka loved this toddler chair. He decided to conquer it by standing on the seat, so Mom joined in to make sure he was safe.

two big sisters and their 1 year old baby brother in park in front of pond

His sisters were more than happy to love on him, although he didn’t stay put for very long.

Dad holding his two daughters in each arm on his hips at parkWhile Luka was off with Momma, Daddy got a chance to have fun with his girls. They are getting so big that they almost tackled him as they were jumping to get in his arms.

Dad holding his 1 year old boy on his knees in front of pondWe made sure to get a quick shot of just the boys together too.

year old boy sitting on white, blue and black decorated backdrop in blue suspendersNext, we moved back to my studio so we could create a traditional cake smash session for Luka. Mom wanted something to show off at his big birthday party that was coming up, so we followed her bowtie theme and had fun with it.

12 month old boy with blue, white and black cake smash sessionLuka was just getting started with the cake. He ended up eating quite a bit of it, but not as much as his big sister.

12 month old boy and his sisters at his cake smash sessionThis is both Mom’s and my favorite photograph from the session. It shows all of their personalities to a “T”. Big sister was reeling from a reprimand, little sister was all about the cake and didn’t have a care in the world, and baby brother was walking away from the drama with a handful of food in his mouth.

12 month old boy and his two big sisters eat a smash cakeWe wrapped the entire 1 year old family photoshoot up with a cute photograph of them all looking at the same time. And the best part is there was plenty of cake to bring home and enjoy for dessert!

Family of 5 with their dob in front of pond at park for family photo shoot

This last photo was one they chose to put on the cover of their portfolio box for display. Toby, their sweet dog, came along for their family photography session because he is an important part of their family. You can see so much love in this family. I can’t wait to watch them all grow up before my camera.

If you would like to have a cake smash session for your 1 year old that includes family photographs, contact me today. I’d be happy to give you all the details and find a place for your family on my calendar.

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