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Baby tasting cake with fingers and feet in cake One Big Happy PhotoMeet Dylan, the cutest little bundle of joy all wrapped up in a baby boy. His Mom loved how his newborn photos turned out so much, that she couldn’t wait to have him grow enough to get some cake smash photos taken.

baby with feet in cake One Big Happy PhotoCake just isn’t fully explored until you put your feet in it! Don’t you just love how babies really get fully involved when they explore something new.

Baby playing with large letters spelling out ONE One Big Happy PhotoNow, cake smash photo sessions aren’t just about the cake. I make sure to let the baby really show off all of the skills they have either mastered or are working on. Like learning their letters. . . yeah, well, maybe reaching a bit here. But he sure did love the twinkly lights on these babies.

baby in overalls smiling with hand raised One Big Happy PhotoWho could resist a drooly little grin like this?

one year old baby banging on tin tub smiling One Big Happy PhotoForget the pots and pans, Dylan was all about beating this tub like a drum. He had the most fun and when we took it out of the frame for another set up, he would crawl out to get to the tub again. I see a band in his future.

one year old baby in overalls standing next to small chair One Big Happy PhotoNot quite standing on his own yet, but happy to try! Mom was close by to make sure if he tumbled downward, she was there to catch him.

one year old baby with birthday shirt and hat on One Big Happy PhotoI don’t know how parents get their kids to wear hats because my kids would never do it, and neither would Dylan. This quick shot was taken right before he flung the hat off of his head and far, far away.

Baby with 1st birthday hat on eating his cake One Big Happy PhotoThere is a secret to cake smash photos. You see, most babies have never had real sugar by the time they reach age 1. So plopping a cake down in front of them is like putting a whole watermelon in front of them. You get that, “what am I suppose to do with this?” look. And then once they taste the cake, for many of them it is so overly sweet, compared to the applesauce they’ve been getting, that they want nothing to do with it.

So, the secret to successful cake smash photos. . . let them eat cake at least twice before you have your cake smash photo shoot! Then, they know what they’re getting, are excited to eat it, and usually dive right in.

baby legs and feet with cake smashed all over One Big Happy Photo

The perfect “ending”, yeah I went there, to a cake smash. Mom airlifting the baby out of the mess and straight towards the tub! Dylan had a great time, as did both Mom and I, because there is almost nothing cuter than a sweet little baby enjoying himself.

If you would like to get your baby some cake smash photos, contact me today and we can chat about it!

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