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James ~ Newborn Photography Session At Home | Glastonbury, CT

2 year old sister holding her newborn baby brother One Big Happy PhotoBringing your newborn baby home is always exciting, but it can turn your daily routines into a hot mess. So, choosing to have your newborn photography session at home can be the little “ahhhhh” you need in your otherwise chaotic day. Little James here was sweet as can be, especially while he was getting cuddled by his 2-year-old big sister.

newborn baby photo on tan background with aqua wrap One Big Happy PhotoEven though all of these photographs were created in their own home, you would never know that they weren’t taken in a studio. Mom loves all things “beachy” so we covered baby James up in an aqua blue net wrap on his sandy colored bed.

close snuggles between mom and newborn baby One Big Happy PhotoDuring his awake time, James got a cozy cuddle from his beautiful Momma. And then he peed all over her. Bless his heart. . .

newborn boy sleeping with 2 stuffed animals One Big Happy PhotoAll tucked in with his new friends and wearing his lobster net cap, James was sleeping and dreaming.

Dad holding newborn son like a ball on his chest One Big Happy PhotoSo compact, like a little football, James fits perfectly in his Dad’s hands. Amazing to know that one day, James will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with his Dad.

newborn baby awake wrapped in cream and looking at his toes One Big Happy PhotoAnd we’re awake again! But this cozy wrap and furry bed soon had James drifting back off to sleep. Loving his little feet here as he’s wrapped up like he was still in the womb.

Mom and newborn baby sharing a look One Big Happy PhotoMaking eye contact with a newborn can be very difficult, as they have 20/400 vision. But James seemed to be making-a-go of it in this photograph. I’m sure he wanted to stare at his beautiful Momma.

close up of newborn sleeping on his hand One Big Happy PhotoClose up newborn photographs are always important to the family. These pictures really give you a chance to appreciate all of the delicate little features that a newborn baby has.

94 year old great grandma holding newborn grandson One Big Happy PhotoJames’ great-grandmother was visiting during his newborn photography session, and it was so important to Momma that she get a picture of her newest and oldest loves together. Such a tender moment of life spanning over 90 years in this family.

2 year old little girl sitting on white rug smiling One Big Happy PhotoEven though baby James was the star the day, I never miss a chance to get a portrait of the baby’s siblings. Mom can always point to this picture and tell big sister that this was what she looked like when her baby brother was born.

profile of newborn sleeping with fisherman's bonnet One Big Happy PhotoHis profile is going to change so much in the next few years, but James couldn’t be cuter with his button nose and fuzzy cheeks.

newborn family photo One Big Happy PhotoAnd here is the entire family all together. Big sister was losing her interest in the whole photoshoot by this point, but they all look wonderfully happy together.

If you are thinking of having a newborn photography session at home, contact me to learn more about it. I make it so easy for you, and you never have to even leave your couch!

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