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J.J. ~ Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Glastonbury, CT

Meet J.J., the cutest little 6 pound, 4 ounce baby boy and the absolute joy of his parent’s life. He was so excited for his adventures in this world to begin that he came 5 weeks early. Surprise!

Newborn sleeping with teddy bears on a shelf One Big Happy Photo

this image is created as a composite. At no time was the baby placed on a shelf or left unattended

Mom and Dad hold their newborn son in their arms One Big Happy PhotoA baby in your arms feels so much better than a baby in your belly, so once he got breathing down pat, Mom and Dad were glad to take him home. We were able to get his newborn baby photoshoot taken care of when he was just 14 days old.

newborn sleeping in an egg wrap One Big Happy Photo

Curled up like he is still in the womb, J.J. even smiled a bit for us while he dreamed.

Mom cradles newborn in her arms with eyes closed and smile One Big Happy Photo

Don’t’ you just love how the newest of babies fit entirely inside their mother’s arms. In a few short weeks, this pose won’t be possible for J.J. anymore. But Mom will always have this memory of her newborn baby.

newborn sleeping in a woodland nest in the forest One Big Happy PhotoSurrounded by the beauty of nature, little J.J. looks absolutely perfect in this photograph.

newborn held against dad's chest facing outward all curled up One Big Happy PhotoOne day little J.J. will put his arm around his father’s shoulders, but for now he fits entirely in Daddy’s hands. It’s amazing that we all start this way.

grumpy face newborn froggy pose One Big Happy PhotoA little grumpy for a while, but you wouldn’t have known it except for his scowl. He slept so soundly and peacefully.

newborn sleeping on his side with cap and wrap on One Big Happy PhotoDreaming sweetly in blues and greys, J.J. is already over 20 inches long here. newborn baby sleeping with hat on and a grumpy face One Big Happy Photo

And lastly, he was ready for his closeup. You can just see his tiny lashes and all of his adorable baby rolls. Just makes you want to snuggle with him all afternoon.

If you are would like beautiful photographs of your newborn when he or she arrives, contact me today so that I can answer all of your questions. I only have one opening left for the remainder of March and three openings in April.

Amber Sehrt One Big Happy Photo Newborn Photographer Glastonbury CT



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