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Eva ~ 6 months old pictures | Glastonbury, CT

All of my kids are now past this adorable stage where everything is new and is met with a sense of wonder and joy. I remember those wide eyes and creamy cheeks on each of my babies and how they would giggle and then belly laugh with a game of raspberries or just peek-a-boo. That’s what so great about getting 6-month-old pictures taken of your little one. You can always go revisit those days and even those feelings of pure love by looking at their photographs. Miss Eva here couldn’t have been any more adorable in her pretty dress and headband. But when her Momma looks at this photo years from now, she going to delight in her daughter’s wonder.

Eva was a great sitter, but sometimes you gotta just lie back and kick your heels up for a great laugh.

We took a photo of Eva in this same basket when she was a newborn (you can see those photos on her newborn blog post). She was sooooo tiny! However, now she completely fills the basket. I love how her tiny toes are popping out.

Showing us her skepticism over this whole process, she aturned her head and gave me the side eye. But, Eva was a complete doll the entire session. And that’s a tough feat when the women keep changing your outfit over and over.

Eva just fit in this tiny bowl and got to show off her beautiful fingers (just waiting to be adorned Grandpa, hint, hint).

Ready to explore everything with their mouths, Eva did some classic 6 month things like taste her cute toes during her 6-month Milestone session.

Back in her gown, Eva wanted to show off her baby curtsy. She loved playing with the hem of her dress.

I have to say, I was a little jealous of her shoes. Even I don’t own a pair of red soled shoes (yet!).

Sweet little Eva! I’m so glad you played so well today. You made me smile too!

If your little one is growing faster than you’d like, contact me today about having a Milestone session for your baby. I have a few spots left for July and August before the huge rush of fall begins!

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