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Toughing It Out for Fabulous Fall Family Portraits | Glastonbury, CT Baby Photographer

Mom hugging her 2 kids tight outside in fall“We are going to be blue,” said this Mom as we were looking at the weather forecast for Saturday. After just getting her daughter home from yet another surgery, their fall family portrait session was finally coming up this weekend. And the forecast was to be overcast, windy and cold. But, it was now or never, so I promised them to work as quickly as I could and they promised to think warm thoughts!

Getting family portraits taken in fall in New England can be difficult. There just aren’t enough days or hours in the week during the fall for all of the families that dream of having glorious foliage as the background of their family photos. So when you get that coveted slot for a portrait session, you pray for great weather and happy children.

4 year old brother and 1 year old sister sitting in chair outside on path in FallWith a one-year-old and a kindergartener, you sometimes have to take extra measures to ensure smiles. On this cold, blustery morning, we tucked hand-warmers into the kids’ pockets. Those little suckers keep getting warmer as they go though, so within about 25 minutes we had to take them out to keep the kids from wiggling so much.

Dad holding his 1 year old daughter laughing outside in Fall in CTThis little munchkin was all giggles when she was being held by Momma and Daddy.

Mom getting a kiss from 4 year old son while being held on her hipNothing better than kisses from your little man. Pretty soon, he’s going to be too big to climb up in her arms. But for now, he’s a perfect fit.

Mom snuggling her 1 year old daughter outside in fall under a bright pink blanketWhen the wind started to get the best of them, we wrapped them up in this blanket. Keeping the blue-lips at bay!

4 year old boy standing behind chair outside in fallTake that, school pictures! The kids absolutely loved my little school chair. And it works perfectly here to give a sense of scale to just how big this little dude is now. He was constantly on the move, and we were lucky to get 30-seconds to snap a quick image of him.

1 year old girl standing near crate outside in fallI have such a crush on this little beauty. At just one-year-old, she has had more surgeries than most people ever face in a lifetime. I photographed her one-year-old cake smash session back in April, so click on the highlighted link if you haven’t seen it. She is always full of smiles and is an amazing fighter for what she wants. I look forward to watching the path that her life takes.

4 year old son gives Dad a kiss on cheek outside in fallJust passing out kisses like they were candy! Daddy was the lucky recipient this time.

Mom kissing Dad on the cheek outside in FallThis was the last image on my camera from the day. And their 5-year-old pressed the shutter! (of course, I had the focus locked in and a death grip on him and my gear) But this image is truly one of the cutest from the day. I hope he keeps it always.

standing family portrait outside in Fall in CTIn the end, none of us got blue lips but we did create amazing images of their family that they will always cherish. And that was the goal of this session. Not just to get a shot for the Christmas card, but to create lasting photographs that will make them smile when they see them on their walls and will bring them back to this crazy, love-filled and boisterous time in their lives.

I am booked for the remainder of 2016 and have begun taking bookings for 2017. If you are thinking about getting your family’s portraits made, contact me soon so we can chat about it.

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