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Kate ~ 6-Month-Old Professional Baby Pictures | Glastonbury, CT

Well, boy do I feel sheepish. . . Miss Kate has been getting professional baby pictures with me every 3 months since she was a newborn, and we had this fun 6-month-old photography session way back in January. Well, I just plumb forgot to share it with you. We’ll be doing her 9-month session soon, so I wanted to get these adorable pictures up right away.

See what she thinks of my memory? You can almost hear her little brain saying, “really, really, now you remember.”

Kate has now completely mastered pushing up and had a great time playing peek-a-boo with me, using this blanket. We’ve used this same blanket for every photography session with Kate this year, so I can’t wait to create something amazing for her after her full year of photo shoots.

Momma is a woman after my own heart and loves a little bling, so I couldn’t resist creating a little bit of a glitter baby photo session for Kate. Those chunky thighs with the peep toe shoes just slay me.

When it was time for a break, Dad pulled out Kate’s favorite bedtime book and they relaxed for a few minutes.

Mom had a few minutes of fun with Miss Kate as well while they played on Mom and Dad’s bed.

This is the second time that Kate was photographed on this bed. The first time she was a newborn and fit completely. You can see that first session, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, to see how much she has grown. Now, Kate is almost too big for the bed.

What is it about babies and bubbles? Some of them just light up when they see bubbles, and some of them. . . well, at least her dog felt the same way.

Now, this would never have worked if Mom decided to call her Katherine instead of Kate. Just too long. But Kate fits perfectly inside her name and had a ball banging that “A” around.

Finally, we were within days of the Superbowl (or just after it; I don’t follow football ?), and Mom was a huge Patriots fan. Dad. . . not so much. But Kate let us know exactly how she felt!

So, Kate’s 6-month-old professional baby pictures are on the books. Looking forward to seeing what new skills she has mastered at her 9-month mark.

If you would like to capture all of your baby’s milestones, or even just one, during that first year, contact me today to learn more about it. They grow amazingly fast, like we are sprinkling them with Miracle Grow, during that first year and you don’t want to miss it.

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