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Zella ~ Newborn Session In Shades of Blue and Grey

toddler girl leaning her head against newborn baby sisterWhen families come into my studio, they all get to decide what colors they want to use for their photography session. This family was really drawn to cool shades of blue and grey, which just happen to play beautifully with the shades of their eyes. So, we designed their entire session around these two colors. Now, let me introduce you to baby Zella and her sister, Lanah.

baby girl sleeping on her tummy on grey blanket with teal wrap over her bottom

Mom wanted Zella’s newborn photos to be all about her with very little fuss. So, no headbands, bonnets or anything that would pull your attention away from this beautiful baby.

mom hugging newborn in her armsAll snuggled up with her drowsy daughter.

newborn sleeping in grey fur bowl smilingSleeping in this grey bowl of fluff, Zella was having a happy dream.

Dad holding newborn on his shoulderDad enjoying his sleeping daughter cuddled into his shoulder.

newborn baby girl sleeping on grey blanket on her side in womb like poseThis natural pose shows Zella curled up like she would have been just a short time ago when she was still in the womb.

Mom holding newborn with toddler girl hugging her armMom with both of her girls. Zella seems to have gotten the same amazing blue eyes that her Mom and sister have. You’ll see her bright eyes a little further down the page.

close up of newborn baby sleeping with hands under cheekI did take a couple of photographs on this warm neutral fur to highlight Zella’s creamy complexion.

Newborn baby girl looking at the cameraNow you can see Zella’s bright blue eyes.

family of 4 with newborn in mom's armsThe new family of four all together.

baby girl sleeping tucked in blanket with two stuffed teddy bearsAnd finally, Zella got to catch a quick nap with two bears that her grandmother knitted for her and her sister Lanah. They were almost the same size as she was, but soon enough, Zella will be dragging her bear around behind her.

Blues and greys don’t have to be just for boys. They are lovely for girls too, especially when you match them with blue eyes!

If you are expecting and would like Connecticut’s top newborn photographer to photograph your newborn session, contact me today. I am filling up for the summer, as I only take 6 newborns each month.

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