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Greyson ~ Sports Inspired Newborn Pictures

newborn boy sleeping on log outside with a golf club in his hand and golf ball belowSay hello to Greyson! He’s going to be spending a lot of time with his Dad outside when he gets bigger. Dad loves playing several sports, so we decided to create a few sports inspired newborn pictures during their session.

Newborn boy sleeping curled in bowl on grey fluffAll curled up like he is still in the womb. Must be why he has such a big smile on his face.

Mom holding newborn son in her arms with eyes closedMom made sure to get a few cuddles in during our session as well. As first time parents, these moments are the absolute best.

newborn boy on grey blanket in froggy positionThey were so excited that Greyson allowed us to get this photograph. It is now printed as a 24×30 canvas in their home. He has the cutest pout, doesn’t he!

Dad holding newborn son in palms of his hands

Sleeping so soundly in his daddy’s hands.

newborn baby boy sleeping in baseball gloveGreyson fit perfectly in his Daddy’s baseball glove as well. Makes sense though, since his entire body fits in Daddy’s hands as well.

newborn boy swaddled in teal wrap sleeping in crate on grey blanketAfter a good snack, we swaddled Greyson up so he could drift back off to sleep. He fits perfectly in this crate (makes you wonder why we spend so much money on cribs!)

Newborn boy sleeping with knitted froggy hat onMom thought this froggy hat was adorable. It is made so much cuter by the sweet little boy that is wearing it as he rests.

newborn boy sleeping in his father's hands on blackI always love to show the vast difference in size between a newborn and their parent. Dad can easily fit his newborn son in the palms of his hands right now. And one day, Greyson’s hands will be the same size as his Dad’s.

Mom Dad and newborn son photoThe happy family of three. Nothing changes your life more than when you add a baby to your family. It’s a beautiful and sometimes stressful change, but one that marks a whole new path for your life that will bring you many happy memories and adventures.

If you would like to incorporate the sport that means so much to you in your newborn session, contact me today. We can create amazing photos that get you excited about the fun you are going to all have together as your baby grows up.

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