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Tom ~ Newborn Boy Photoshoot | Glastonbury, CT

“You’re not going to believe this. I’ve got to reschedule again,” was the text I got from Tom’s Mom when he was about five weeks old. Tom was born in early February, but his family had been plagued by illness after illness for weeks now. After rounds and rounds of ibuprofen and antibiotics, everyone was finally healthy and ready for Tom’s newborn boy photoshoot: at 7 weeks old.

newborn baby boy sleeping in crate with teddy bearBut here’s the thing. . . Tom was fantastic and I was able to get gorgeous images of him, even though he wasn’t photographed in that coveted 6-14 day old window.

newborn baby boy wrapped in superman colorsNow there were several poses that he just wasn’t going to do. Having been out of the womb for so long, he just wasn’t going to fold up into a little ball like he did when he was in the womb. He was also considerably more alert, so some poses weren’t possible at all. But, many babies, regardless of their age, have poses that they just won’t tolerate. You just have to pray for the best, spend a lot of time soothing and have food and pacifiers ready.

baby boy wrapped in red on dark blue with eyes openBeing more alert completely went in their favor when it came time for the family photographs. Tom was happy to show his silly side and get love from everyone.

Mom holding baby son funny faceBig sister, who’s in kindergarten, was so helpful with her little brother.

big sister holding baby brotherSister is also a big reader, and since Dr. Suess day at school had just passed, we decided to have a bit of fun with Tom.

newborn baby in Dr. Suess striped hatA little father and son bonding time. Tom is truly a little “mini-me” of his Dad.

Dad holding baby son on his shoulderSometimes these simple close-ups of the baby’s face are everyone’s favorite.

newborn baby boy sleeping on side on dark blue with eyelashesEven though this was technically Tom’s newborn boy photoshoot, I always make sure to photograph all of the different relationships in the family. Sister was loving the extra attention from both her parents.

Daddy laughing with 5 year old daughter on bedMom and 5 year old daughter cheek to cheekI just loved how Tom held onto his foot in this photo.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in crate with furThis family has another toddler (a year-old Lab) that they really wanted to include in their family photo. So, with treats on hand (and quite a bit of photoshop compositing), we were able to get the whole family smiling!

Family with 2 kids and dog on bedMany parents miss that perfect window for getting their newborn photographed and even get told by some photographers that their baby is just too old for a newborn session. But as you can see from Tom’s newborn boy photoshoot, that just isn’t the case!

So if you are thinking about getting your newborn photographed, contact me to chat about it. I do book up, as I only accept 6 newborns each month, but I’m happy to work with you so that you don’t miss out on getting beautiful images of this most special time in your new baby’s life.

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