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Kate ~ 9 Month Old Milestone Photographs | Glastonbury, CT

When my first daughter was 9-months-old, I sat her to play on the floor while I sorted through the clothes in her closet. So many things were now too small, and I needed to make room for new clothes since she was growing like a weed. That’s when I came upon a pink Yankees hat that had been a gift (for the record, I don’t follow sports) when she was a newborn. “Oh, let’s try this cap on and see how cute you are!” I said as I tried to wiggle it onto her head. But, it was already too small. . . and I broke down into a sobbing fit of tears. My baby was growing faster than I had realized and I wasn’t ready for it.

9 mo old baby girl playing outside with straw hatLuckily, that isn’t the case for little Kate and her family since they have decided to capture her entire first year with milestone photographs. At 9-months she is growing beautifully and is the most peaceful and happy little girl. She loved playing with this straw hat.

9 mo old baby girl sitting outside with parents on blanketIt looks like she is going to be serious about accessories too as Daddy’s glasses were her favorite item to reach for during her 9-month-old milestone photography session.

9 mo old baby girl leaning on wooden crate on pathNot quite standing unassisted yet, Kate was happy to steady herself on this crate and have a laugh with her bear.

Mom holding 9 mo old baby girl in gardenAs is the case with most babies in their first year, Kate was feeling a little under-the-weather during her session. She had a little runny nose and was just getting over pink-eye (again). But she never cried and simply stayed quiet or found little moments of joy to console herself, like this sweet moment with her Mom.

9 mo old baby girl standing holding parents handsIt won’t be long now before she is moving fast on these two little feet. She was a bit wobbly, but I think she enjoyed swaying knowing she was safe in her parents’ hands.

9 mo old baby girl looking at bubbles in the gardenThis is the second time I’ve tried to get Kate to play with bubbles. They just don’t seem to be her thing. She just stares at them like they are little alien floating rainbows that don’t concern her at all.

Dad holding 9 mo old baby girl in gardenNow it was Daddy’s turn to try comfort Kate. She was starting to reach her limit with this whole photography session, so she got a warm cuddle from Daddy and powered through for a few more minutes.

baby girl eyelashesSuch gorgeous, dark, thick lashes.

9 mo old baby girl sitting on path on blanket in gardenWe had a moment of the sun coming through the clouds and the tiniest smile from Kate. Such a sweet family.

9 mo old baby girl sitting on path in gardenWhile I’m sure Kate is growing up faster than her parents would like, I know they are going to cherish having all of these memories of her during her first year captured. Then they can go back and remember all of the sweet moments and share them with Kate as well.

If your baby is growing up faster than you’d have ever imagined, contact me about getting them photographed along with your family. Not only will you always enjoy looking back at their sweet baby face, but they will love looking back at the love your family showed toward them.

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