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Sebatian ~ Newborn Photography Session | Glastonbury, CT

newborn baby sleeping on police officer cover with parent's badgesWhen both your Dad and Mom are police officers, you have to do something special with their newborn photography session. Little Sebastian was more than willing to let me pose him, and we got some fantastic images that will be cherished pieces of art in his family.

newborn baby sleeping on edge of Dad's police officer bootsSebastian isn’t even as big as his Dad’s boots. But once he is 6 months old, he’ll be sitting up next to these huge boots and by a year, he’ll be able to stand in them. Such a great way to show how much their little man is going to grow this year.

Mom cradling newborn in her arms and cuddling inMom loved getting this snuggle with her new baby boy.

newborn baby in potato sack pose on dark grey backgroundThis pose is called the “potato sack” because the baby is wrapped so snuggly they look like a little potato. But it really emphasizes just how tiny he truly is.

Dad holding newborn son in his handsAmazing that Sebastian completely fits in his Daddy’s hands, especially when you consider that one day he will probably stand shoulder to shoulder with his father.

close up photo of newborn baby with long eyelashes and hands in prayer poseSebastian was truly blessed by the eyelash fairy. I know women that pay big bucks for eyelashes like these.

5 year old holding newborn in arms and giving him a kiss on the cheekEven big brother got to get a cuddle. One day, when they are bickering like crazy, their parents can remind them just how much they really do love each other with this photo.

lifestyle family portrait with 5 year old and newborn baby brothersParents always worry that the older child won’t get enough attention once a new baby comes along. But that is honestly never the case. The oldest stays the center for quite some time, with the new baby fitting in once the needs of the oldest are taken care of. That’s one of the reasons the second child is so much less needy. They get used to having to wait. And all is still well in the family.

newborn baby sleeping tucked in with stuffed bear and rabbitThis is one of my signature images and every single family I work for wants it. It’s called “nighty-nite” and is so peaceful and full of love it makes your ovaries hurt.

Mom and Dad cradle newborn son in their circle of armsSo glad I could create all of this beautiful art for this growing family. They were absolutely lovely to work with, and I thank them for all that they do to keep us safe.

If you would like to do something special with your family’s newborn photography session, contact me today. I love working with each family individually to create something unique and beautiful that will always mean the world to them.

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